IDP 3 attribute-resolver.xml, unable to avoid XML warnings

Losen, Stephen C. (scl) scl at
Tue Apr 19 06:42:15 EDT 2016

Hi folks,

In my attribute-resolver.xml I am using a "Mapped" attribute definition that has two dependencies.  I also have a sourceAttributeID that refers to one of the two dependencies.  Whenever the IDP uses this definition, it logs a warning that it found a dependency that is not equal to the sourceAttributeID.  So I tried removing sourceAttributeID, but that made the problem even worse.  The IDP logs a warning when it starts up and I get a warning every time the IDP uses the definition, indicating that sourceAttributeID is missing.

The definition works just fine and combines the two "dependency" attributes into a single multi-valued attribute.  Is there a correct way to do this that does not result in warnings?

Here is my attribute definition:

<resolver:AttributeDefinition xsi:type="ad:Mapped" id="isMemberOfShort" sourceAttributeID="isMemberOf">
        <resolver:Dependency ref="isMemberOf" />
        <resolver:Dependency ref="authService" />
        <resolver:AttributeEncoder xsi:type="enc:SAML1String" name="urn:mace:dir:attribute-def:isMemberOf" />
        <resolver:AttributeEncoder xsi:type="enc:SAML2String" name="urn:oid:" friendlyName="isMemberOf" />

Stephen C. Losen
ITS - Systems and Storage
University of Virginia
scl at    434-924-0640

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