Access Attributes from ColdFusion 10 on IIS 7.5

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Mon Apr 18 15:45:43 EDT 2016

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>I have Shibboleth SP installed on a Windows 2008 Server, running on
>IIS 7.5 and ColdFusion 10.

Cold Fusion is in Java and connecting it to IIS is the sort of thing that would make it very complex to get anything across without reading up on what it's doing and how it works. At the time I used it, it was in C++ and it run natively with no extra tunneling involved and headers were simply natively present.

>I do see ShibSpoofCheck and can read that in my ColdFusion test page.

That's just a header. If you can, or must, access it by that name (not that you would, but just in terms of checking what's there), then that means the others are in their native and/or CamelCase form also.

> I've read about the issue with IIS and having to add the prefix "HTTP_" to the
>attribute names, which I have done too. I'm probably missing something
>simple, but I'm not sure what it is at this point.

You can't make it work by adding HTTP_ to them if you can access *any* of them without it. They're all going to be consistent.

-- Scott

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