Configuring Slack to use Shibboleth

Edenfield, Dusty dusty.edenfield at
Thu Apr 14 17:32:25 EDT 2016

We are trying to integrate Slack with Shibboleth as the IDP.  Slack doesn't provide their own metadata, but does support custom SAML 2.0 implementations.

They provide documentation for their custom SAML process here:

If the SP doesn't provide metadata, should we, as the IDP, create it from scratch?  Has anyone had luck setting up Shib and Slack?

When Slack's support was asked if others have successfully made Shibboleth work with Slack, the said some schools were successful and they gave these as settings that supposedly work.

SAML 2.0 url:

Identity Provider URL (IDP):

Sign AuthnRequest? No

AuthnContextClassRef: Don't Send This Value

Identity Provider URL (SP): blank

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