meta attributes (was: IdPv3 - eduPersonTargetedID - How to define and release this attribute?)

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Mon Apr 4 20:14:47 EDT 2016

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>I've never liked the OID names, although I understand why they were chosen -- unambiguous, and to minimize "naming wars", but I really think it was so everyone would equally dislike the naming. :-)

That's exactly why. If there had been a standard for expressing an OID as a URL I would have argued for it.

Nobody dereferences URLs that are used for naming anywhere. If you care enough to look something up, you'd just as easily find it in a search engine.

There's this idea that you can cross-walk attributes, but you can't. Attributes are always "just like each other" except for all the edge cases where they're not. Nothing is really interchangeable when you're operating with the precision of software.

-- Scott

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