How to eliminate duplicate values in input for StoredId data connector when using RelationalDatabase data connector

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Fri Apr 1 12:26:41 EDT 2016

> Let's consider a database view "view_attributes" that produces the following
> result set:

That form would make a SQL guy like myself want to stab somebody. ;-)

Yeah, that's not a proper table. It needs to be denormalized, and if that was the result of a query, you need two queries.

> The RelationalDatabase data connector doesn't provide some option to
> remove duplicate values, does it?

No, the result set was meant to be exposed as a set of "rows" so that the values in each position correspond. That's why the value collections are ordered.

> May we need to use multiple RelationalDatabase data connectors,
> one per multi-valued attribute and one for the remaining single-valued
> attributes?

Yes, definitely.

-- Scott

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