Shibboleth 2.4.4 User Authentication

Rod Widdowson rdw at
Tue May 26 05:06:28 EDT 2015

> Hi, I have installed Shibboleth 2.4.4 and can't make it worlking iwth
> a SP or

Is there any reason why you are not starting with 3.1?  Any effort you put into 2.x will effectively be wasted in less than a year and you'll need to learn V3.  I cannot think of any good reason for a complete from-new install being 2.x
> I think I am missing the authentication configuration part.

So let's start with the basics:  What's working?  What isn't working? What does the status page say?  When you say "can't make it work" what does that mean?  How are you approaching the IdP? What is in the logs?

> I know there must be some place to configure the login page, or this
> instructions tell about some web.xml file, but I don't see how to
> configure this.

Ignore all that stuff right now.  Get the basic login flow working then worry about the login page and web.xml (another good reason for V3 you don't need to rebuild the war to change the login page).

 > Can you guide me how to configure user/password authentication and the
> way to setup a login page? (which you quoted) is all there is for getting username/password authN working on V2.  If you let us what isn't clear and we'll endeavour to make the V3 documentation clearer (the chances of us making substantive change to a end-of-line product's documentation are quasi-nill).

After you have login working the child page to the one above tells you how to customize your login page.


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