Shibboleth IdP v3 multiple entityID config question

Jeffrey Crawford jeffreyc at
Mon May 18 13:45:34 EDT 2015

For better or worse, our current V2 install has two entityID's one that was
assigned by Incommon using urn:mace and the second that we used for locally
installed configurations and metadata that used the now SAML 2 standard
naming in a URL format.

In short we have two entityID's for our IdP. The V3 config has the entityID
being set in the and It doesn't look like there is an easy
way to allow it to understand a second. Is there a way to allow the IdP to
understand it's has two entityID's assigned to it?

In the old system it was easy to support both since we had to load the
metadata anyway and then you just specified in the relying-party.xml which
provider id to use. Nothing jumps out in the V3 config that seems to allow
the same thing.


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