Embedded Discovery Service With Custom Service Provider.

Surinaidu Majji pioneer.suri at gmail.com
Thu May 7 10:49:48 EDT 2015

We have a shibboleth sso setup which contains below components.
- Shibboleth Idp
- Custom Service Provider(non-shibboleth SP)

We are planning to integrate one more idp in the current application setup,
So We planned to use Embedded Discovery Service. Since we are using
non-shibboleth SP, Please give us a clarification for the following queries.

1) In order to make a request from the Non-Shibboleth SP to the Embedded
Discovery service(EDS), currently we are making a HTTP GET request with
'entityId' and 'return' parameters from the Non-Shibboleth SP to the EDS.
Now ,How can the request be made securely? and In which format does the
request has to made?

2) According to our understanding, initially SP is making a request to the
EDS, then EDS is making a XmlHttpRequest back to the SP's discovery feed in
order to pull in the data it needs to render the UI. So what is the main
purpose of "SP requesting EDS to get the list of idp's"? and Why can't the
EDS store the same json feed information(list of idp's) for display when SP
is requested?

Thank you for effort.
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