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On Wed, May 6, 2015 at 10:25 AM, Chris Phillips <Chris.Phillips at>

> Good to see discussion on this.
> For us the central cookie and a transition path away from SAML1 is/was
> important. Having a HA infrastructure to host the CDS already in place
> also helped.
> Looking to the future I see an emerging trend to something similar to what
> LIGO has done -- discovery by region or arbitrary (research) groupings.
> Not just one, but many of them stemming from the same metadata but
> operated centrally.
> For example, only show me IdPs in Province X or Research consortium Y that
> have done something above and beyond the regular federation attribute
> release requirements and signalled as such in the metadata via entity
> categories.
> Use cases to illustrate this are:
> - Have a Discovery service of only those IdPs supporting the R&S category
> to be used by Services Supporting R&S. (could be any category actually)
> - Regional groupings for a specific province/state to only show the IdPs
> within said region for services for that region.  This can easily be done
> by a Federation assigned and marshalled entity category (e.g. inCommon-NJ
> or CAF-Ontario)
> Both cases likely desire to be configured with some co-branding within
> that category or region.
> Thinking aloud a little bit, one could advocate for a single discovery
> code base to support a user experience that can be customized for any
> given entity category tag -- a custom filter list of IdPs, list of Sps
> that support the tag, an additional logo, tag specific description.
> I think one would rather operate a single code base that can be
> configurable to observe N entity categories (or lack of one as the base
> case for 'display everything') and facilitate such an experience.
> Where would could one execute on this?
> In the CDS codebase along the lines of Shib v3 velocity style templates
> maybe?
> In the EDS codebase relying on a sophisticated SP installation v-hosted
> per entity category to accomplish filtering?
> In the PHP codebase based on SWITCH's approach?
> In the DiscoJuice Model?
> If others say 'Hey, you can do that already by . . .' let me know.
> If this style of Discovery appeals to others, reach out to me to let me
> know as well.
> I'm also more than happy to submit RFI's to the CDS or EDS along these
> lines too.
> That said, I'm sure it would have more 'weight' if more than one group
> voiced an interest in this direction and it could be more precisely
> defined.
> Thoughts welcome as always.
> C
Looking at the CDS it is easy to see where to filter IdPs based on the SP
requested, assuming metadata organized by category etc.

> On 2015-05-05, 9:08 PM, "Cantor, Scott" <cantor.2 at> wrote:
> >What specifically about the CDS made it a better choice than running the
> >EDS in a shared fashion?
> >
> >-- Scott
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