Centralized Discovery Service - member of federation?

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Tue May 5 19:20:57 EDT 2015

* Mike Manske <michael.manske at ligo.org> [2015-05-06 01:13]:
> ​The next step in 'productionizing' is to move the CDS to its own host. My
> question is, will the CDS have to be added to the federation's metadata (as
> an SP maybe?) ?

No and no. It has no metadata of its own (it just helps map from
something a human understand to what the SP needs to know: the IDP's
entityID), and it does not need to be on a seperate host.

In fact best practices suggest not to run a discovery service that is
recognizable as something different from the application / the SP,
cf. https://discovery.refeds.org/

If you're running a disovery service shared by many (and closely
related) services / SPs the situation is a bit different, of course.

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