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Tue Dec 22 11:35:45 EST 2015

On 12/22/15, 11:27 AM, "users on behalf of Tony Skalski" <users-bounces at on behalf of ajs at> wrote:

>I was thinking this would make upgrades easier. When running the Shib, I used the shibboleth-idp-3.2.1 directory as the Installation Directory.

You should absolutely never specify a directory for install that isn't going to be idp.home, and that will not make upgrades any easier either. It would lead you to do exactly the wrong thing, not installing the update over top of the old version, which you really must do.

So, no. The problem isn't the symlink, but what you're trying to do with it.

I symlink /opt/shibboleth-idp to wherever I actually want to install it. Then I can put the files anywhere, but avoid idp.home, which is there is no reason to ever set on a Linux install unless you're installing multiple copies.

-- Scott

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