How to extract SAML response attribute?

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Tue Dec 15 05:15:36 EST 2015

* Abdul Waheed <waheedtechblog at> [2015-12-15 11:10]:
> How to retreive some other value from SAML response Eg: How can I extract
> 'Audience' from below SAML message. ?

The only reason I even mentioned that was because you said you want
the IDP to send the entityID of the SP in the authentication
statement, so I told you it was already there.
If you want the SP to extract some data then put it into the attribute
statement (like you did with "uid") and extract it from there at the
SP side in the same way.

But again, there should be no reason to send the SP its own entityID
together with "uid". Just use an appropriate attribute instead of both.

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