Reloading services after changes to included property values

Wessel, Keith kwessel at
Thu Dec 10 16:01:51 EST 2015


I just got smart and moved my LDAP and AD credentials and hostnames into They were previously hard-coded in attribute-resolver.xml, causing me to have to maintain two copies of the file to work in test/prod.

After making all the changes in attribute-resolver.xml, I attempted to do a command-line reload of the shibboleth.AttributeResolverService, but I got a 500 error. The IDP log tells me it was because the included %{} tokens weren't defined. After restarting the IDP completely, though, they got read in fine.

When do properties files get read? Only at IDP start-up, or each time a service is reloaded? Is there some way to force the IDP to re-read the properties files so that I don't have to restart the IDP if I change a value in one of them?


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