Installation and source code problems, please help

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Thu Dec 10 05:21:15 EST 2015

* Yasser Afifi <yasser at> [2015-12-10 11:12]:
> I am new to the Shibboleth software, and I am trying to install the
> IDP. I downloaded the source code from the subversion repo and when
> i try to build it, i get xml errors.

What gave you the idea you had to build from source?

For MS-Windows systems:

For others it mentionms downloading the release from

> I also tried to install the msi installer on windows 10, the IDP was
> running, but when i tried to run status.bat, it gave me connection
> refused message

I'd try to get that fixed then, instead of trying to build the
software from source and then running the installer.
Maybe you'd like to provide more details on what specifically you did
during install, as well as specifics of your deployment?

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