Installation and source code problems, please help

Yasser Afifi yasser at
Thu Dec 10 05:12:25 EST 2015

I am new to the Shibboleth software, and I am trying to install the IDP. I
downloaded the source code from the subversion repo and when i try to build
it, i get xml errors. I got over 300 errors all in xml files.
most of the errors were like this:

Schema_reference: failed to read schema docuemnt ""
schema_reference: failed to read schema document ""

when i try to open the first document, i get Document not found error.
however, the second one words fine. I have so many errors like this one.
can you advice me about this?

I also tried to install the msi installer on windows 10, the IDP was
running, but when i tried to run  status.bat, it gave me connection refused

Thanks for your help
Kind Regards,
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