Multi-factor authentication with two IdPs

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>>> The current setup is, I believe, fairly standard with a service provider behind
>> a reverse proxy (an F5) with an ADFS system providing SSO services.
>>> As I understand it, the basic workflow is:
>>> 1. F5 redirects user to ADFS for login
>>> 2. ADFS returns SAML response to the F5 with various “claims” including a
>> user id
>>> 3. F5 then forwards the SAML response to the service provider
>> Unless the F5 is the SP itself, I'm not sure it's relevant to the conversation.
> In this case the F5 does act as an SP but I don't have the ability to do any customization there that would help solve my problem.

I wouldn’t think you have any control of that either. Additionally I don’t believe step 3 is correct. If the F5 is the SP it is consuming the assertion itself.  

I believe what is happening in the OPs flow description is very similar to the Juniper SSL VPN thread[1][2] of years ago but with F5 hardware / software, (APM formerly FirePass).  



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