Multi-factor authentication with two IdPs

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> >The current setup is, I believe, fairly standard with a service provider behind
> a reverse proxy (an F5) with an ADFS system providing SSO services.
> >
> >
> >As I understand it, the basic workflow is:
> >
> >1. F5 redirects user to ADFS for login
> >2. ADFS returns SAML response to the F5 with various “claims” including a
> user id
> >3. F5 then forwards the SAML response to the service provider
> Unless the F5 is the SP itself, I'm not sure it's relevant to the conversation.

In this case the F5 does act as an SP but I don't have the ability to do any customization there that would help solve my problem.

> Regardless...
> >
> >What I would like to do is insert a step after step 2 whereby after initial
> login, the F5 forwards the SAML Response to Shibboleth for further
> authentication using a custom extension.
> >The custom extension requires the user id from the initial login to perform
> the second authentication step.
> That's not just a simple custom extension, that's an *SP*. Shibboleth IdPs
> don't include an SP or support for natively proxying SAML authentication. You
> would have to install a SAML SP as an authentication mechanism for the IdP
> to site behind along with adding additional custom code to the attribute
> resolver to do all that.

I had a feeling that the answer would be something along those lines but wanted to see if there were any alternatives.

> Most other major IdP implementations include that sort of thing natively.
> >
> >I’m wondering if this is possible?
> Not easily.
> -- Scott


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