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>I've reviewed the metadata from my site, just to see if I could find this text (in plain text), but I didn't have any luck.

The text is the IdP's placeholder text when there's nothing in the metadata, I believe.

>Do you know where I need to go to configure this text?

The standardized metadata extension(s) that drive the IdP are defined in [1] and give you a number of elements that you can use to communicate about the service.

The SP is not designed to provide metadata that somebody else directly consumes, that's what federations like InCommon are for. Your metadata, if not handled through a federation, should be maintained separately and cannot be generated on the fly. Doing so is fundamantally broken and prevents proper key rollover. So the answer is that you put the extensions you want into the metadata whereever you happen to maintain it, so it depends on how that's being done. InCommon has support for these extensions in the online interface for managing the metadata, and other federations have similar or different mechanisms for that.

> Is it a line that I need to add to the shibboleth2.xml file?

The only way to include extensions in the generated metadata, which you absolutely 100% under no circumstances should be using in production, is to embed the extension XML content inside the <Handler> element that configures the metadata generation handler, which is documented in the wiki.

-- Scott


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