Change default SP description.

Tony Autin tony.autin at
Mon Aug 24 16:55:57 EDT 2015


I have configured an SP to work with my clients IdP.

They have asked me to change my "default SP description" (see link
The linked image is a screenshot from the IdPs login page.

I've reviewed the metadata from my site, just to see if I could find this
text (in plain text), but I didn't have any luck.

Do you know where I need to go to configure this text? Is it a line that I
need to add to the shibboleth2.xml file? Do I add a line below <Site id="3"
name="pav.********.edu" scheme="https" port="443"/>

Thanks for the help!

Tony Autin
Director, Implementation and Special Projects
1-888-510-3827 EXT 705
tony.autin at
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