How to resolve a binding exception

Scott Koranda skoranda at
Wed Aug 19 09:38:43 EDT 2015

Just for the archives...

It was/is a LIGO SP.

Problem was bad permissions on the SP key file (only readable by root and
not shibd).


LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/shibboleth/lib64 /usr/sbin/shibd -t -u shibd -g shibd

immediately showed the problem (this is a SL6 box so LD_LIBRARY_PATH
necessary to get the Shib distributed curl libraries).

Scott K

On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 8:09 AM, Scott Koranda <skoranda at> wrote:

> Hi Joe,
> (Joe is also part of the LIGO project.)
> I don't know why the change is now causing you an error.
> But if this is a LIGO SP please contact me offline and I can help you
> troubleshoot.
> If this is not a LIGO SP but you copied or evolved the SP configuration
> from a LIGO SP then also contact me offline and I will help you create a
> more "vanilla" configuration. I say that because the error indicates the SP
> is using the artifact resolution protocol, which we do use in LIGO for
> certain situations, but it is best not to use it with "generic" SPs if you
> do not have a good reason for it.
> Thanks,
> Scott K
> On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 7:26 AM, Joseph Areeda <
> jareeda at> wrote:
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>> Hi,
>> I've swapped server hardware to move our SP to a more capable machine.
>>  The service used to be provided by a VM which became our backup.
>> Both were working before the swap which consisted of a DNS change and
>> swapping certificates and keytabs to match the new URLs.
>> Now the VM is working but the new hardware cannot authenticate with
>> Shibboleth.  The web page and log files say:
>> 2015-08-19 04:11:33 ERROR Shibboleth.Listener [15015] shib_handler:
>> remoted message returned an error: Unable to resolve artifact(s) into
>> a SAML response.
>> 2015-08-19 04:11:33 ERROR Shibboleth.Apache [15015] shib_handler:
>> Unable to resolve artifact(s) into a SAML response.
>> I don't understand the message or what part of the SP is
>> misconfigured. I've compared configurations of the working and non
>> working systems but I don't see a problem.
>> Google and the troubleshooting section of the Shib wiki didn't turn up
>> anything useful.
>> I'd appreciate any help to isolate the problem.
>> Thanks,
>> Joe
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