Continuing Attribute release problems

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> >Ok, I just tried that and got the "No attribute statement" ; but when I
> try other RequesterStrings from other SPs that I work with I get an
> appropriate list of attributes and their values.
> Appropriate != that attribute is included, though it sounds like you're
> saying it does include it in those cases.
> >Should I be getting something without the "--requester" and if
> > so, why wouldn't I be getting it?
> Your attribute resolver would have to contain logic that would cause that
> specific attribute to only be resolved under specific circumstances that
> would not be met if there's no RP identified.
> >The attribute WindowsDomainQualifiedName does successfully resolve and is
> being released for other SPs.
> Then its resolution is somehow conditional on the relying party.
Sorry.  My fault; it was a typo.

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