Issues getting GitHub configured to utilize Shibboleth IDP

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Wed Aug 12 14:13:45 EDT 2015

On 8/12/15, 2:06 PM, "users on behalf of Cahill, Charles (GE Appliances)" <users-bounces at on behalf of Charles.Cahill at> wrote:

>I am so confused on that.
>I give PagerDuty this as my Login URL and that fixed it 

That's the POST binding endpoint.

>I was giving it this and it wouldn't work.

I assume it only supports POST, or at the very least that was what it was configured to use.

>So are you saying I should give Github the second one?

If it's using the Redirect binding.

If you have a broken SP that is limited in the bindings it supports, and/or lacks the intelligence to simply load metadata for the IdP and pick the endpoint it needs to use, you're the one picking up the slack.

If you think that sucks, I agree, that's why my SP doesn't work like that.

-- Scott

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