Issue finding NamespaceHandler when configuring attribute-resolver.xml

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Tue Aug 11 16:51:14 EDT 2015

Please take follow ups to the dev list, this isn't a users-list sort of question.

On 8/11/15, 4:34 PM, "users on behalf of Dana Duerr" <users-bounces at on behalf of Dana.Duerr at> wrote:

>In my resources/METAINF folder I have:
>Spring.handlers: urn\:global\:waw\:1.0\:resolver = org.worldatwork.shibboleth.config.WaWNamespaceHandler
>Spring.schemas: urn\:global\:waw\:1.0\:resolver = schema/waw-resolver.xsd 

If that's literal, I believe those are named wrong, it's spring.schemas

But the main problem is that you're using the schema mapping file incorrectly (probably because they in fact were used incorrectly in V2).

The spring.schemas mapping is from a schema "location" to the schema resource path. You're mapping the namespace itself to the path.

If you want to put the classpath version into the XML file as the schema location, then the mapping would be:

classpath\:/schema/waw-resolver.xsd = schema/waw-resolver.xsd

What you should generally do is host the schema at a web location and then use that location in the schemaLocation attribute and in the spring.schemas file.

-- Scott

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