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Sat Aug 8 18:59:37 EDT 2015

Hello again Shibboleth users,

I am working with Freshdesk<> as an SSO party. They don't provide a metadata file, so I am under the impression they need to be setup as an AnonymousRelyingParty. I found the following code to setup an anonymous party, but it looks to be Shibboleth V2. I've read through UpgradingFromV2<> but I still do not understand the conversion and am having a hard time finding examples.

<AnonymousRelyingParty provider=""

                           defaultSigningCredentialRef="IdPCredential" />

<security:Credential id="IdPCredential" xsi:type="security:X509Filesystem">




Is this possible in Shibboleth V3?

Thank you

Brandon Martin

martinb at

Peninsula School District

Data Integration Analyst

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