LDAP Dataconnector baseDN search

Martin, Brandon L martinb at psd401.net
Sat Aug 8 18:53:06 EDT 2015

I had <![CDATA[]] surrounding my filter. I took that out and just left (samaccountname=$requestContext.principalName) and it worked!

Thank you.

Brandon Martin

martinb at psd401.net

Peninsula School District

Data Integration Analyst

Ext: 3712

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On Sat, Aug 8, 2015 at 2:35 PM, Martin, Brandon L <martinb at psd401.net<mailto:martinb at psd401.net>> wrote:

2015-08-08 18:20:09,982 - DEBUG [org.ldaptive.SearchOperation:138] - execute request=[org.ldaptive.SearchRequest at 1882631444::baseDn=ou=psd,dc=peninsula,dc=wednet,dc=edu, searchFilter=[org.ldaptive.SearchFilter at -2030641523::filter=????????



????, parameters={}], returnAttributes=[givenname, employeetype, distinguishedname], searchScope=SUBTREE, timeLimit=3000, sizeLimit=1, derefAliases=null, typesOnly=false, binaryAttributes=null, sortBehavior=UNORDERED, searchEntryHandlers=

That filter doesn't look right. Check your configuration and make sure you don't have some weird control characters surrounding your filter.

--Daniel Fisher

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