Webwork integration

Goggins, Patrick gogginsp at uwgb.edu
Tue Aug 4 15:27:27 EDT 2015

We just deployed a SP on our Webwork (http://webwork.maa.org/) install. The shib side is running fine (eppn is visable via the session page on the SP), however the web application is not recognizing the authentication.

We have added to the /opt/webwork/conf/localOverrides.conf configuration file

$authen{user_module} = {"*" => "WeBWorK::Authen::Shibboleth",};
$shibboleth{login_script} = "/Shibboleth.sso/Login";
$shibboleth{logout_script} = "/Shibboleth.sso/Logout?return=".$server_root_url.$webwork_url;
$shibboleth{session_header} = "Shib-Session-ID";
$shibboleth{manage_session_timeout} = 1;
$shibboleth{hash_user_id_method} = "MD5";
$shibboleth{hash_user_id_salt} = "";
$shibboleth{mapping}{user_id} = 'puid';

For the "$shibboleth{mapping}{user_id}" option we also have tried using eppn, mail, and edupersonprincipalname but none seem to trigger within the software.


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