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Wed Sep 24 16:31:34 EDT 2014

On 9/24/14, 4:18 PM, "Gary Gwin" <ggwin at> wrote:

>I'm following instructions in NativeSPAddIdP to add a second TestShib
>IdP instance to a basic Windows/IIS 7 Shibboleth SP test configuration.

Supporting additional IdPs in general is done by adding metadata for them,
and that's all. This is mentioned at the top of the page you're looking at.

I don't know what "second TestShib IdP instance" means in this context.

>The default case works fine. The instructions suggest adding an
><Application> element like this:

No, that would be a very, very unusual situation involving selectively
altering an SP entityID based on the IdP, which is a really bad idea in

-- Scott

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