SP update error

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Wed Sep 3 11:16:39 EDT 2014

\On 9/3/14, 5:13 PM, "Dave Perry" <Dave.Perry at hull-college.ac.uk> wrote:

>According to shibd -version, it's 2.5.3 installed (early in the year,
>from memory). But before the updates released in June.
>If I have to, I'll uninstall and reinstall - but would rather just run
>the patch.

The patch and the installer are different beasts. The *patch* (the MSP
file) should work on any 2.5.3 install to get it up to date.

The updated 2.5.3 MSI installer will *not* install on top of 2.5.3, AFAIK,
because it's in fact the same software version. The installer is updated
to make sure new installs get the patched libraries, but that is not how
you patch an existing install of 2.5.3. It should upgrade anything < 2.5.3.

So per my previous note, your case is "it's the exact same version". The
MSI cannot work in that case.

-- Scott

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