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Thu Nov 20 09:47:39 EST 2014

On 11/20/14, 10:44 AM, "L Informatica" <linformaticadeploy at> 

>Hi all,
>I'm working on a SUSE SLE SP3 system with the following apache rpms:
>the shibbolet and other supporting packages and libraries were downloaded
>from the the following repository:

Does "SUSE SLE SP3" mean SLE 11 SP3?

>but after apache service restart segfaults errors are shown (below the 
>error in detail).
>According to this situation what could be the offeding configuration or 

No idea. I have no access to actual SUSE Linux, so I can't really 
"support" it, even though it's nominally supported by packages.

That crash suggests a fundamental build incompatbility. It's not getting 
anywhere. Permissions to create the native log files would be one 
possibility I suppose.

-- Scott

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