Shidb / Apache Segmentation Fault

Aleix Dorca Josa adorca at
Mon Nov 17 11:19:42 EST 2014

Nate, Peter, Scott,

Thanks for your input. I new I was missing some details so let me explain myself a bit further:

- TCP vs. Socket: This seems like a thing that I'd like to try, definitely. Thanks a lot for the hint.
- As per the versions I'm using, yes, they are the *obsolete* ones from the Whezzy official repositories. I've looked into the backports version, and indeed it is more recent. I could also try that.
- Parts of the system shared? Do you refer via GlusterFS or via Shibboleth. In any case the system is really simple:
	- GlusterFS shares a folder (moodledata) with another machine via a replica. It was all installed using the GlusterFS HowTo, it worked flawlessly so we did not go any deeper.
	- Shibboleth has been configured using the same principle. We only *protect* one file (the one moodle requires) with the apache plugin. On the shibboleth.xml we only changed the idp host address, and the entityID of the ApplicationDefaults section.
	- We also changed, of course, the attribute-map.xml to reflect the attributes that we needed from the idp.
- The cron jobs: Every day there's a cron job that does a backup of the moodledata folder via rsync. I have changed this method of backup to see if this has any effect on shibd faulting. I guess we'll have to wait until Sunday, though. :-(

I'm dead sure the problem IS with my system. I was just asking for some help. Sorry about that. Didn't meant to waste your time. :-(

Thanks a lot guys,


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