Config of Shibboleth - Debug Question

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed Nov 12 11:33:26 EST 2014

* Joseph Corso <jcorso at> [2014-11-12 17:24]:
> ???

You're not providing any technical details in your replies, e.g. a
snippet of lines from your configuration (that the software complained
about) so we can try to identify what you did wrong.

> In terms of well formed XML... I took the default file and just
> modified the sections I needed to given the install documentation I
> used.

I used well-formed as a technical term:
There is software (e.g. xmllint from the expat package) that can
validate the well-formedness of an XML file. Never mind, the Shib SP
already told you what is wrong and where.
Without more details forthcoming from you there is nothing anybody
else can do. 

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