idp certificate issue

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Sat Nov 8 13:52:09 EST 2014

On 11/8/14, 12:52 AM, "Christopher Steinke" 
<christopher.steinke at> wrote:

>So why is is that the IDP metadata with the same certificate works on one 
>config but not the other? And yes it's the same, because I copied the 
>same IDP metadata file from one working machine to the machine that does 
>not work.

As Nate said, if this is SAML 2, then you're not releasing any attributes 
to that SP, and you have query support in the metadata, and that support 
is invalid because you don't have the right key in the metadata for the AA 

If you don't mean to support queries, then don't advertise it. The 
metadata is strictly your responsibility to craft accurately, the software 
will never do that step.

And of course you have to fix the attribute release issue for that SP.

-- Scott

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