idp certificate issue

Nate Klingenstein ndk at
Fri Nov 7 21:51:24 EST 2014


I have an IDP server and have four  Apache web servers running the SP software, three work fine and one does not work with the exact same metadata file with the exact same certificate.

Do you intend to do a back channel query?  If you don’t and it’s only happening on this box, that suggests attribute acceptance problems, so the error you observe would be incidental(that query would be expected to fail anyway).

If the query is intentional, then I’d start by trying to connect from the command line on the host with logging at a higher level.  My suspicions would be intermediate network boxes that were munging the connection.

Would this be an issue because the version of the IDP server is a bit old? I see the latest release is: 2.4.3. (2014/11/03) and the version
is well over a year old.

This in particular, probably not.  I would be fairly concerned about the security issues disclosed in earlier releases, though.

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