Issues upgrading SP from 2.5.0 to 2.5.3

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu May 22 12:35:39 EDT 2014

On 5/22/14, 10:37 AM, "MikeWho" <who at> wrote:

>I guess my questions are:
>- Is it possible to rollback/downgrade to 2.5.0 after installing 2.5.3, in
>case this happens again? Is there more to it than restoring the opt folder
>from 2.5.0 and restarting?

Well, I can't swear it wouldn't work, but I wouldn't, I would uninstall
and reinstall and then restore the configuration.

>- Any idea what could have gone wrong, so I can keep an eye out when
>updating the Production environment?
>Looking at the logs:
>native.log (this is around the time of the "Unspecified error")
>2014-05-18 18:11:14 ERROR Shibboleth.Listener [17032] isapi_shib: socket
>call (unknown) resulted in error (10054): Unknown error

That just means shibd wasn't responding probably. There is nothing in the
code I can find that mentions "Unspecified error" anywhere.

>shibd.log (this is likely the redirect loop, repeats several more times)

That's just a standard loop caused by external factors that would have to
be diagnosed outside the log. Loops are not about misbehaving code unless
there's an error in the log.

>There are events in the Windows Event viewer at the time of the
>error", and 3 events from the next morning when the problem disappeared,
>with the text: "Extension mode startup not possible, is the DLL loaded as

That means the DLL is running as a script extension for a *.sso request to
a web site where it never initialized as a filter, either due to not being
installed, or failing to init successfully, which would be logged as a
separate event.

-- Scott

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