Shibd process crashes shibd.exe version 2.53

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Fri May 16 11:45:59 EDT 2014

Thanks Scott!

Makes sense. So I had them test and they see the following standard EPIC
message "Message was signed, signature could not be verified" , I know there
are tons of posts about this , but i want to call this out.

So here's the thing, 

The SAML response from IDP to SP is signed using 'their' Private key.  

 1.  I checked their SAML response to SP ( logs they sent over) , and it has
data in the following tags <ds:DigestValue> , <ds:SignatureValue> and  


I am comparing this with  the IDP Metadata XML they sent over( being fed to
our SP) .  

MEdatadata XML also has ,  

<ds:DigestValue> , <ds:SignatureValue> and   <ds:X509Certificate>

BUT, only the <ds:X509Certificate> information matches , 

the content in the <ds:DigestValue> , <ds:SignatureValue>  is DIFFERENT.

 Is this causing the problem and giving out the ""Message was signed,
signature could not be verified"  message? 

If i need to provide their key in SP somewhere where do i do it? 

Thanks a bunch ! 

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