FTP server enabled as SP

Koorosh Vakhshoori kvakhshoori at gmail.com
Thu May 15 13:30:06 EDT 2014

> I doubt that's what you want. I merely mentioned Filesender because it
> handles /uploads/ of huge files in a somewhat standards-compliant way
> (read: modern web browser, no Flash) -- which is not what you asked
> about. From what you wrote you're only concerned with /downloads/ and
> a webserver with the Shib SP in it is all you need here, as explained
> before.
> Yes, I had come to the same conclusion; your comments confirmed it,
thanks. Now my next step is to convince others in my team of its merit.

> Also Filesender does /not/ protect uploaded files via SAML, everyone
> with access to the "token URL" (sent via email) is able to download
> the file (aligning with the security model of sending the files
> themselfs via email). Arguably that's much weaker security than simply
> putting files on a webserver and shib-protecting that.
> Good point.

> Finally you seemed to imply you wanted special file transfer software
> on the client for some reason (not web browsers), and again Filesender
> does not help here. It solves a problem you do not seem to be having
> (the upload part).

No, I don't have such a requirement, actually the opposite.

I probably should not have even mentioned it.

No, I always like to learn new things, even when it does not directly apply
to the problem in hand.

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