Shibboleth attributes capture with PHP with AJP connector?

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Thu May 15 10:49:38 EDT 2014

* d.alvarez2 <d.alvarez2 at> [2014-05-15 16:36]:
> There are lots of PHP code examples of how to retrieve it
> programmatically but I don't know if I need to follow the steps with
> the AJP connector for PHP the same way I did with Java.

No, PHP generally is run in-process (mod_php) or via FastCGI
(e.g. using mod_fcgid). In both cases the $_SERVER super-global will
have all your environment variables and hence attributes such as

> Also, my other question is if I see that the attributes come in
> encrypted, will I be able to decrypted in the code or will it the
> code just decrypt the attributes by me just displaying them like
> this?

The Shib SP will do all necessary decoding and decryption for you
(though I only have ever encuontered encrypted responses, encrypted
assertions, and encrypted NameIDs, not encrypted attributes) -- unless
you're referring to something completely outside SAML.

Either way, passing data via AJP to a Java servlet container or not
does not alter any of this.

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