Shibboleth attributes capture with PHP with AJP connector?

d.alvarez2 d.alvarez2 at
Thu May 15 10:36:27 EDT 2014


I am new to Shibboleth.  I've worked with Shibboleth for a couple of months
now but something has come up and I don't know how to solve it. If anyone
can guide me, it would be greatly appreciated.

I am trying to capture attributes with a PHP program.
I have done this with Java using the AJP connector and I had no issue
following the steps in
However, what about with PHP?
There are lots of PHP code examples of how to retrieve it programmatically
but I don't know if I need to follow the steps with the AJP connector for
PHP the same way I did with Java.

Also, my other question is if I see that the attributes come in encrypted,
will I be able to decrypted in the code or will it the code just decrypt the
attributes by me just displaying them like this?

foreach (\$_SERVER as \$attribute => \$value) {
        \$value= utf8_decode( \$value );
        echo "\$attribute = \$value<br>";

If anyone can help and let me know I'd greatly appreciated.



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