Send path to IDP (referer_url)

Michael Schwartz mike at
Wed May 14 12:07:00 EDT 2014

Shib Gurus,

We have a use case where it would be really handy to have the 
referer_url available to the IDP. We are setting up an Apache proxy, 
where each folder proxies to a different backend application. For 
    /idpA -->
    /idpB -->

Our SAML IDP is an Asimba SAML proxy, which is providing the discovery 
service. It would be really convenient if we could use the path of the 
requested URI to automatically route the request to the respective 
backend IDP.

Using the EntityID is not an option, because we only have one SAML SP 
for the Apache proxy.

Is there any way to pass the path information in an HTTP header to the 
IDP, or any other feasible solution?

Thanks in advance!!!

- Mike

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