IIS 7.5 Service Provider Concern

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Thu May 8 16:23:43 EDT 2014

On 5/8/14, 3:55 PM, "Ashwin Chandrasekar" <achandr5 at ncsu.edu> wrote:

>I am trying to install the Shibboleth service provider for my site on IIS
>7.5, and the server administrator was concerned that the service provider
>had to be installed on the default web site.

It doesn't have to be installed on the default web site unless you want to
protect content on the default web site.

> Would the
> installation impact any of the other sites, or would it otherwise cause

IIS can install filters on a per-site basis, or it can install them
globally, and it will work either way, provided the person installing it
understands IIS and is willing to invest the time to understand the SP.

You can also control which sites the SP will pay any attention to, even if
it's nominally installed for them, and then it doesn't spend much time in
the filter, it just spots an unmapped request and passes control on.

There are always cases where bad software interactions cause problems, but
the filter can be simply removed from any sites that it doesn't have to be
running in.

-- Scott

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