not included in shibboleth RPM

david at david at
Tue May 6 14:40:03 EDT 2014

I've run into the same problem.

I'm using Amazon Linux (for Amazon AWS EC2 instances) and installed the
stock httpd24 and dependencies via yum. I assume this is considered a custom
build in so far that it doesn't match any of the existing rules that
Shibboleth uses to determine when is appropriate. It instead
tries to link against

Is there a way that I can provide the "missing info" needed to the RPM
maintainers short of building from source or via SRPM? And to whom? (A link
to the appropriate page on the Confluence Wiki is fine.)

My yum is explicitly looking at the Shibboleth repo hosted by OpenSUSE. I
have the feeling that if I were to complain to Amazon's package managers,
they'd just redirect me back to this mailing list.

david at

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