Using SRPM method to install Shibboleth on Amazon EC2 ...

Sam Wilson swilsonau at
Thu Apr 17 05:33:01 EDT 2014

I do have to wonder why you don't just pull the rpm from

Assuming your Linux is over the RHEL variety the only issue you will
have are around SELinux.

I have written a basic policy for this and if your willing to test hit
me up off list so we can work through any bugs.



> On 17 Apr 2014, at 6:28, "Cantor, Scott" <cantor.2 at> wrote:
>> On 4/16/14, 4:04 PM, "Paul Wilt" <pewilt at> wrote:
>> There *is* a custom libcurl library located at /opt/shibboleth/lib64 ...
> Ok. Then that means you didn't set the variable you think you did, or set
> it in the right place. You didn't really specify what you did, but this is
> just a Linux issue.
>> I do *not* see a file named /etc/sysconfig/shibd on the box.  I don't
>> know what
>> the Amazon Linux uses.  Should I put a file there?  ... and if so, what
>> do I put
>> in that file?
> I don't know what they use (I've never logged into an Amazon Linux shell
> or looked at what they do), but if there is no such file/tree for
> configuring services, then you would have to have some other place to set
> Editing init scripts is basically frowned on in Linux, so that's why the
> sysconfig tree was created, but you can always ultimately just set it in
> the init script you will need to create (because the RPM won't give you
> that either for an unsupported platform, I'm guessing).
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