Pound symbol as part of password not being accepted

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Fri Apr 11 03:02:00 EDT 2014

2014-04-09 14:46 GMT+02:00 Morris, Andi <amorris at cardiffmet.ac.uk>:

> To bump and old thread, I'm still getting this issue.
> I've added " AddDefaultCharset utf-8" to the bottom of my httpd.conf file
> in Apache 2.2.17, and also " URIEncoding="UTF-8"" into the 8080 and 8443
> connectors in TomCat6.0's server.xml.
> The server was restarted after the changes were made, however the problem
> is not resolved.
> I have found
> https://wiki.shibboleth.net/confluence/display/SHIB2/IdPAuthUserPasswhich suggests that I can accept these characters by adding the following
> to my login.jsp and rebuild the package:
> <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" >
> However, I'm not sure whether this will apply to me, as my
> username/password login handler in handler.xml is commented out, in favour
> of ph:RemoteUser and ph:PreviousSession
Then you're using tomcat managed authentication. There is some encoding
problem with the FormAuthenticator. A simple fix would be to force the
character encoding, as explained here :

(see characterEncoding attribute).
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