Recommended method to configure custom maintenance page with Shibboleth SP and Apache HTTPD

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Wed Apr 2 15:58:08 EDT 2014

On 4/2/14, 1:50 PM, "Dang, Minh (GE Global Research)" <m.dang at>

>Additionally, a 302 Found error was encountered while trying to use an
>ErrorDocument to handle the request."

That sounds like a problem with protection rules, or possibly an issue
with the SP if it's not current.

>This makes me think that one of my redirect rules is incorrect, but they
>seem to work fine if I disable shibd.

That doesn't mean Shibboleth is causing it, it means you're telling the SP
to do something that violates the rest of what you're intending to do,
like protecting something that needs to be open to anybody to access.

>Here's an interesting behavior. So everything setup as normal. I access
>our app and authenticate regularly. If I then create the
>"maintenance.enable" file to redirect all traffic to our custom
>maintenance page and refresh, I see the custom maintenance page as
>expected. If I open up a new incognito tab without session info and access
>a page, I get the default "Service Temporarily Unavailable" page pasted

That sounds like you're protecting something that by definition can't be
protected if you expect somebody to access it without having logged in.

-- Scott

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