Single Signon and ADFS

Lou Feliz lou at
Wed Apr 2 12:44:16 EDT 2014


I came across your site as part of my researching Single Signon and ADFS. I
have developed a web application using Delphi (ObjectPascal) that executes
using a custom built web server ISAPI DLL on IIS 7.  I have a request from
a prospect to authenticate users via ADFS and I am looking for solutions.
 Note: At some point in future, app will be rebuilt using PHP but for now
that is not an option.

I am currently setting up a pair of MS Windows Domains in my lab with ADFS
so that I can have a master and partner organization to eventually test my
solution with ADFS.   To get started I am setting up a lab environment as

Domain Vendor
Vendor AD Server  (ADFS Role)  - My Organization
AppServer   running IIS for my Web application

Domain Partner
Partner AD Server (ADFS Role ) - "The Client Organization"

I will follow some of the canned how-to docs to get ADFS working in basic
form to have a baseline working environment.

What is best way to get started with Shiboleth?

 Anyway, thanks or taking time to read this.  Cheers!  - Lou
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