FatalProfileException when using Firefox and Chrome

Griffin Cheng [CLIB] cscheng at cpce-polyu.edu.hk
Thu Nov 14 21:02:56 EST 2013

Dear all,

The situation is absurd but it is true. I try to access the program using Firefox and Chrome with default settings and the result is the same. And after I type in the URL https://lbnx02.cpce-polyu.edu.hk/Shibboleth.sso/Session the result is fine. I re-enter my program URL again, it completes successfully.

No error found in "shibd.log" nor "shibd_warn.log".  However, the Apache SSL error log has something which may provide some insight

[error] [client] SAML response contained an error., referer: https://adfs.cpce-polyu.edu.hk/adfs/ls/?SAMLRequest=hZJdT4MwFIb%2FCuk9lOI6QjNIcLtwyVTi0AtvTCmdEEuLnKLbvxeGHzMx87Z9%2B7znPOkCeKNalva20nfytZdgnX2jNLDjRYz6TjPDoQameSOBWcG26fWGBZ7P2s5YI4xCTgogO1sbvTQa%2BkZ2W9m91ULe321iVFnbAsNYFXrvB55ohXRbow69J8veq17wtqqLwihpKw%2FA4JEf4Ox2myNnNQxUaz6if0C83MEfmPEYK8DIWa9i9BTNaEijkEoRFkU53xU0KqkgEac0mtM5GWIAvVxrsFzbGAU%2BuXAJcQnNfcJmIQuiR%2BRknzte1rqs9fN5IcUUAnaV55k7bfAgOzhOPwRQshi1smNxdyL6PJZ%2F2UXJvy7h2%2BUCn3RNxS27GeDrVWZULQ5OqpR5X3aSWxkjgnAyPfn9HZIP&RelayState=ss%3Amem%3A9c1fce669a69fb0b738c8b758378e7ae93b4c863521b7740ee01e9b27258d79c

Your help is very much appreciated.


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>The interesting thing is: after encountering the error, on the same

>tab, access the URL:




>Produces no error and lists all the attributes.

That's not possible unless you had already established a session earlier from a working IdP.

-- Scott


Griffin CHENG.

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