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On 11/8/13, 3:51 PM, "Sunil" <bssunil74 at> wrote:

>Thanks Scott. For some reason I don't see your response in the thread but
>got it in my mail.

Well, this is a mailing list.

>I am using the default Shibboleth config. Here is the site mapping
>    <InProcess logger="native.logger">
>        <ISAPI normalizeRequest="true" safeHeaderNames="true">
>            <Site id="3" name=""/>
>        </ISAPI>
>    </InProcess>

I can't verify that for you, only you know the Site ID. I'm just saying if
it's wrong, or if the filter is not installed for that site, it isn't
going to do anything, and that's one cause of silent ignoring of requests.

>So the value in "name" above is the website bindings host name. I guess
>is correct.
>The request mapper config is

That's all fine provided there's no funny business going on with SSL
offloading or port virtualization.

native.log on DEBUG shows all of the requests the filter sees and maps, so
if it doesn't log that, the filter isn't installed for the site.

>>That's a good sign you've broken the configuration severely. I don't know
>>what you're doing, but you've put that literal URL into the configuration
>>somewhere inappropriate, and that isn't going to work.
>Is this a different problem or the cause for ISAPI filter "not" working?

Different, but I have no idea if there are other warnings and errors being

-- Scott

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