constructing a service list (with URLs)

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Fri Nov 1 18:33:12 EDT 2013

On 11/1/13, 5:44 PM, "Don Faulkner" <donf at> wrote:
>What do you use as source information for your scripts? (off topic for
>this thread, but I¹m curious)

Another script. ;-)

I don't have a database, I just add structured entries to a script that's
between a driver script and the script that the SP includes.

Using a database would be easy enough, just haven't done it.

>Not exactly, you¹re right. What I¹m looking to do is link users to the
>landing page of the service in question. In some cases, all users must be
>authenticated, so the landing page invokes shib. In many others, there¹s a
>good deal of public information, so the login process isn¹t invoked until
>you need it. I suppose we could use the Entity Attributes Extension?

Sure. Or just a define a custom extension I guess.

>Is this sort of URL just too arbitrary to be clearly defined?

I don't think it's arbitary, but it just hasn't been needed.

-- Scott

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