Metadata error after SP install and configuration

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed Mar 27 11:09:14 EDT 2013

* Pax, Christopher <pax at> [2013-03-27 15:58]:
> I get the following error at the top my
> <!--
> This is example metadata only. Do *NOT* supply it as is without review,
> and do *NOT* provide it in real time to your partners.
>  -->

I can't find an error message above or anywhere else in your email.

> I repeated the setup with a linux host and could not produce the problem.

What problem? If the above warning is not displayed on another install
that other install is probably running an earlier release of the
software that did not yet put the warning there.

> Please give me a explanation of what this message is, and how I can
> resolve it?

It means don't give the URL to that metadata to anyone (e.g. an IdP or
Federation Operator) to use "as is" as this will make a proper key
rollover process pretty much impossible.

>         <Sessions lifetime="28800" timeout="3600" relayState="ss:mem"
>                   checkAddress="false" handlerSSL="false" cookieProps="http">

Any specific reasons you don't want HTTP Cookies limited to TLS/SSL?
Otherwise make that cookieProps="https".

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