Shibboleth Beginner enquiries

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed Mar 6 07:11:22 EST 2013

* Gilles Badouet <badouetg at> [2013-03-06 11:34]:
> In fact my master topic is to investigate and implement Shibboleth
> to authenticate a company web applications by first producing a
> simple java application for the test.

Note that you don't "implement" Shibboleth, Shibboleth /is/ the
implementation (e.g. of a SAML IDP and SAML SP). You can install and
use the software as is, there is no requirement for any programming.

Also note that your topic as presented above is underspecified and one
could take this to mean several different things. In the most common
example (I think) you'll be writing a web application in Java, running
inside a Java servlet container (such as Apache Tomcat) and protecting
that with Shiboleth to allow SAML logins.
Your code seens and knows nothing about Shibboleth or SAML then.
Not sure this is what you're after.

If it is, you'll need to install and configure both Tomcat and Apache
httpd according their official documentation. The SP's is here
"Native Service Provider (SP)" (middle column), chose your OS, etc.

Next look at

Provided you have a SAML IDP available (e.g. using your university's
or one of the available ones offering self-registration,
e.g. or you can then
test the integration.

Only once you have your SP set up and working move on to configure
Tomcat and the Shibboleth SP for communication:


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